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Hey guys!

Vlad from Thunderfy here.

Listen, I know you’re always hustling to sell houses, and I’ve got something that could seriously level up your game. Ever heard about AI and robots for real estate? Nope, not talking about the Terminator! This is cutting-edge tech that’s already making waves and helping agents just like you.

Imagine having a computer buddy who chats with your leads online, sets up appointments, and even pre-qualifies them. You get to spend less time on the boring stuff and more time doing what you love – showing off amazing properties and sealing the deal.

But don’t just take my word for it! Let me break down some  examples of how Thunderfy is helping our clients with AI and automation: 

  1. Sales Support;
  2. Lead Qualification Assistant;
  3. Appointment Assistant
  4. Social Media Campaign Generator;
  5. Email Marketing Assistant
  6. Project Assistant;
  7. Speedy Responder

Sales Support: AI-powered sales assistant can engage with potential buyers and sellers online through chatbots, answer their questions, and even schedule appointments for you. This frees you up to focus on nurturing qualified leads and closing deals.

Lead Qualification Assistant: Uses smart algorithms to identify the most promising leads based on your criteria. It can ask questions, gather information, and even score leads based on their interest and suitability. This way, you can prioritize your time and efforts on the leads with the highest conversion potential.

Appointment Assistant: Lets leads book appointments directly through your calendar, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails and phone calls. You can also set your availability and preferences, so the Assistant only schedules appointments that work for you.

Social Media Campaign Generator: Can generate targeted social media posts based on your listings and target audience, saving you time and effort. You can customize the posts to fit your brand voice and then schedule them to go out automatically.

Email Marketing Assistant: Helps you automate your email marketing efforts. You can create email templates, segment your lists, and schedule email campaigns to go out on autopilot. The Assistant can also personalize emails with lead information, making them more engaging and effective.

Project Assistant: Helps you stay organized and on top of everything. It can create and manage task lists, track deadlines, and send reminders. You can also use it to collaborate with clients and other parties involved in the transaction, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Speedy Responder: Can automatically send out quick replies to inquiries, letting potential buyers and sellers know you’ve received their message and will be in touch soon. You can customize the responses and set up auto-replies for different scenarios. With Thunderfy’s Speedy Responder, you’ll never miss a lead again.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning to a notification that your AI assistant has qualified three new leads overnight.You spend a few minutes reviewing their profiles and then hop on a call with the most promising one. The rest of your day is filled with showing properties to qualified buyers and negotiating deals.

This isn’t science fiction, it’s the future of real estate with AI and automation. By taking care of the repetitive tasks, AI frees you up to focus on what you do best: building relationships and closing deals.

I know you’re worried about the cost, but there are options for every budget, and it’s totally worth it when you see how much it can boost your business.

The future of real estate is here, my friend. Don’t get left behind. Hit me up if you want to see how AI and robots can take your real estate game to the next level. Let’s chat!

Vlad from Thunderfy

I’m the CEO of Thunderfy.com, and I’ve been in your shoes. 
I’ve been in the real estate game for years and know what it takes to succeed. We’re not just another software vendor; our clients become successful with us! If you have questions or just want to brainstorm, book a free call with me or my team. We’re always here to help!

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